For years I have seen patients suffer from the burn, itch, sting, and pain of mouth sores for which I have written countless prescriptions for expensive medicated ointments; treatments that only afforded patients a limited amount of relief from their pain and symptoms. This proved to be very frustrating for me and disappointing to the patient. I found that even the most recent research on drugs prescribed for mouth and lip sores revealed that the available prescription medications were limited in their ability to provide the relief patients needed. So I decided to do something about it! I began researching naturally existing compounds and ingredients that might be effective. Interestingly enough, there are effective natural ingredients with research to support their effectiveness. Next, I formulated a mixture of these ingredients and began using it on patients in my dental practice that had mouth and lip sores. It has been exciting to observe the results of Terra-M's use in my patients. It is my desire for you to experience the same results others have.

Don Cheatham, D.D.S.

There are numerous types of nontraumatic ulcerations that affect mucous membranes (lining) within the mouth. The two most common ulcers to occur are the herpetic viral ulcer (fever blister/cold sore), and the apthous ulcer (canker sores). Recent medical literature states that the incidence of the lesions in the mouth occurs in up to 60 percent of the general population. Terra-M relieves the pain of fever blisters and mouth sores caused by canker sores, braces, and dentures, allowing the person to return to eating and drinking in comfort. Terra-M has been proven to shorten the healing period of lip and mouth sores, providing rapid onset of pain relief and reduce the spread of sores in many cases. Terra-M has a pleasant taste and "a little dab will do ya" three or four times a day.